break time

Usually you can expect about 3 blogs a week from me. But I'm so busy right now that it's just not possible. I'm also going on my holiday next Saturday, so I decided to give blogging a little break. I'll be back in 4 weeks with lots of news, inspiration and DIY's.

At the moment I'm finishing my last orders. All orders from Wednesday 1 Juli will be made and shipped from Monday 20 Juli, when I'm back home again.

In order to compensate you a bit for the wait and because it's summer and the weather is finally great, I'll give you a 10% discount on all orders between 1 Juli and 19 Juli. Just use this couponcode: SUMMER2015 in my Etsyshop. This includes the sale!!

Even though I'm on my holiday, you can still reach me by email with questions and custom requests.

Have a great holiday and let's hope the weather stays bright and sunny. (Last year we had 3 weeks of rain)

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one pick Friday: felt geometric pillow

This one pick Friday is an Etsy find. 
A yellow felt geometric pillow by Whitenest. Gorgeous and elegant in it's simplicity.

Have a great weekend!!


moving blanket pillows by et aussi

Even though I'm having a big sale right now, my pillows and blankets can still be made to order in any desired combination. 
Today I'll explain my pillow and blanket collections some more.
moving blanket pillows and blankets by et aussi

For my collections I use moving blanket as the fabric and soft cotton for the crochet.

There are 2 types of moving blanket:

The tough is a thick grey woven fabric, made from new textile fibres. These are cutting remnants from the clothing industry. Therefore the blankets contain a mixture of wool, cotton, polyester and acrylic. It has a bump here and there, but they are very soft and warm.
tough moving blanket for pillows and blankets by et aussi

The multi is a stitched blanket with more colour, because it is made from 100% recycled textile fibres, which come from old clothing. It is not as thick as the tough, but the blankets are still very warm.
multi moving blanket for pillows and blankets by et aussi

My cotton comes in 17 colours:
17 colours cotton for crocheting et aussi

I have 3 pillow/blanket collections:

This collection consists of blankets and pillows in 2 sizes made from the two types of moving blanket embellished with a small crocheted edge.
Basic pillows, moving blanket and crochet by et aussi

Basic blanket, movng blanket and crochet by et aussi

colour combinations basic collections et aussi

Again blankets and pillows (only 1 size) from the two types of moving blanket embellished with a crocheted part of the front of the pillow and a broader border around the blanket.
Hook pillows, moving blanket and crochet by et aussi

Hook blanket, moving blanket and crochet by et aussi

coloir combiantions Hook blanket by et aussi

This collection consists of one of a kinds. Different sizes pillows and blankets. Two types of moving blanket, but with different colour combinations and designs. 
unique pillow by et aussi

unique blanket by et aussi

Besides my three collections I also love custom work. Seating cushions, special sizes, custom colours and designs.
custom pillows by et aussi

custom pillow by et aussi

All the pillows come with inserts.
The pillow covers and the blankets can be machine washed.

For all my pillows, blankets and sale items you can go to my Etsyshop.


Mika Barr: geometric pillows and throws

Recently I discovered the shop of Mika Barr on Etsy. She makes the most beautiful pillows and throws with geometric prints that fold on the edges of the print. Therefore creating a 3D fabric. Besides the Geo collections, she also has a collection called Vein. With Vein, instead of printing a grid, she uses the veins from leaves as starting point for the print, which make the fabric break very naturally.

Mika Barr Geo pillows, blog by et aussi
Geo pillows

Mika Barr Geo pillow yellow detail, blog by et aussi
Geo pillows detail

Mika Barr Geo pillows, blog by et aussi
Geo pillows

Mika Barr Geo throw detail, blog by et aussi
Geo throw detail

Mika Barr Geo throw, blog by et aussi
Geo throw

Mika Barr Geo fabric, blog by et aussi
Geo fabric

Mika Barr Geo fabric, blog by et aussi
Geo fabric

Mika Barr Vein fabric
Vein fabric

Mika Barr Vein pillows
Vein pillows

Visit her shop for more throws and pillows: Mika Barr.


et aussi is having a stocksale !!

Last week I told you I'll be showing at tradeshow ShowUP with a new collection blankets and pillows. To make some room in my studio I'm having a stocksale in my Etsyshop.
This summer my entire stock of moving blanket pillows and blankets will be 50% off.

For the Basic and the Hook collections goes: the finished products will be in the sale, the specific cominations mentioned in the listing. All other blanket/colour combinations that have to be made to order are not in the sale.
The Unique collection will be completely in the sale, because their all one of a kinds.

Basic pillows
Basic canard                                                             Basic ciel

Basic jade                                                                Basic minerai

Basic oeillet                                                              Basic outremer

Basic rosee                                                               Basic turquoise

Basic blanket
Basic cerise

Hook pillows
Hook canard                                                             Hook golf

Hook jade                                                                Hook oeillet

Hook outremer                                                          Hook vitamine

Hook blankets
Hook craie                                                                Hook soleil

Unique pillows
Camille                                                                    Riva

Larue                                                                       Estee

Minette                                                                    Piera

Nadine                                                                     Belle

Syrah                                                                      Muriel

Unique blankets
Aimee                                                                      Delmare

Shades                                                                    Aurore

As you can see it's quite the list, so there is a lot to choose from.


one pick Friday: more cacti

Czech artist Veronika Richterova makes the most extraordinary objects from plastic bottles. These cacti are by far my favourite.

Have a great weekend !!



Personally I love green in my house. Preferably in the shape of plants. Cacti and succulents are my favourite, not in the least because they tend to survive me (or a lack of care by me) the best. But lately I have purchased a fig leaf and a small string of pearls and they're doing alright so far.

Instead of sticking to living greens, you can also make a statement by using wallpaper with a leaf theme.
On my wish list is this wallpaper by ELLE for Graham & Brown. 

I have a wall that goes from my living room into my kitchen. It would look great in both my living room and my kitchen. For now I hung a sample, so I can get used to it, because it is big and bold. Maybe for after the summer to keep the summer feeling going. I'll keep you posted.

On Pinterest I have lot's of green and greens inspiration.
Check out these boards:

Follow et aussi ...'s board et aussi ... greens on Pinterest.

Follow et aussi ...'s board et aussi ... cacti and succulents on Pinterest.