Besides what I make for et aussi I also have my own little projects. High on my whish list was a long bench for at the kitchen table. I have a scrapwood rocking chair from Piet Hein Eek (a great Dutch designer) with 2 pillows from my collection and I love that combination. So it became a scrapwood bench with pillows from movingblanket with crocheted sides.

You cannot see it on the pictures, but its 3,5 meters long and it sticks out of the table on both sides. It's actually a big box with legs and lids, so I can store a lot of stuff in it, like my printer, DVD’s, etc.
It has already become my favourite workplace. All I need now is a new table, this one is oval and that is not so handy with a straight bench. But I already have some ideas for that.]

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