a little bit of red

Now the blue's have gone, it's time for a little bit of red. 
In the extensive colour possibilities in my shop red of course isn't lacking. I do have to admit, red isn't one of my favorite colours and I always found it hard to incorporate it in to my house. By using red subtle or by making one red statement, you can use red without it be dominant.

           red pendants                                                                                   red cross

           red bed                                                                                           red stairs

Still, you can make the most beautiful colour combinations with red, without sticking to black, white and grey. I especially love the combination with turquoise and jade.

           morroccan tiles                                                                               red leaves, jade door

Because it's almost Valentine's day I'm going to continue the 15% Blue Monday discount for Valentine's day, only now on everything red .... alright also on pink. This time use couponcode VALENTINE15 in my Etsyshop. The colours are: cerise, oeillet and rosee.
This promotion runs until 14 February 2015.

           et aussi ...

How do you feel about red? Do you love it and use it frequently or are you just like me and you're not really sure on how to use it?

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