DIY: yarn covered cord

I crochet around the electrical cords of my lamps, but there are lots of lamps which still have ugly cords. You could replace them with fabric coated cord in all colours of the rainbow. A much more fun way of sprucing them up is by covering them with thread yourself.

You will get the best results when you use thin cotton yarn.

This DIY is very simple, even your kids can do it.

Step 1: 'ugly' cord and cotton yarn
Step 2: tie the yarn to the cord with a small knot
Step 3: hold the end of the yarn down and wrap over the knot and the end bit
Step 4: keep wrapping the cord until the end
Step 5: work the end of the yarn into the wrapping with a needle
Step 6: cut the excess of and you're done

If your very patient you could even use sewing thread or embroidery thread.

Good luck !!

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