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Etsy finds: MaukStudio

I love these cups and vases made by Mauk Studio. Manon Maatje is the designer and maker. She got inspired by PVC pipes and parts and turned the raw forms into beautiful ceramic objects. I'm still doubting a bit between a white or a black vase, but I'm going to make my decision soon.

Mauk Studio Etsyshop

April and May

Inspiration: Moroccan rugs

My daughter has astma, so it's a big no for us. But otherwise I would definetly want one.



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Etsy finds: Studio Snowpuppe

Today another Etsy favourite: Studio Snowpuppe. They fold every lamp themselves from beautiful thick paper. The lampshades can be hung over CFL or led lamps, so the colour of the paper gives a nice colour to the light of the lamp.
Studio Snowpuppe

Etsy finds: Coco and Chia

I'm not married, but if I were to happen, then please with this ring. It's a 'wide sterling silver band ring with oxidized, roughed up finish with three scattered tiny white diamonds'.
 Coco and Chia


A great alternative for the coat rack or little hook. Even empty they look stunning.

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