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crocheted lamp 2

I've decided to add my crocheted lamp to my collection. It will be for sale in 10 different colours.  The standard length of the cord will be 3 meters and can be ordered per 50 cm shorter or longer. It comes with an energy saver bulb. The pice with a 3 meter cord will be € 173,95 and per 50 cm the more or less price will be € 12,50. All lamps will be made to order and the delivery time will be approximately 1 week for Dutch buyers and a bit longer for other country's. I'll present them for the first time at the Huishoudbeurs, so that is another good reason to visit me there on Sunday Feb 17.

crocheted lamp

Now it's even to dark during the day for the girls to draw at their table, it was (finally) time to get a good lamp. I always liked just a simple bulb with a pendant and a textile cord, I only didn't like the price. The cord alone was €4,50 per meter and I needed 4,5 meters, and also the pendant, switch, bulb .... So a little DIY. A plain white cord with a crocheted cord around it. The end nicely tucked away in the plug (with switch) and the other end I crocheted over the pendant. Suspended from the ceiling with two little hooks.      The only problem was that the light was to bright. I extended the crocheted part over the bulb. It's an energy saver lamp, so it doesn't get hot. Now it shines down instead of al around. But one lamp is only just one lamp, so I'll make an other one, soon, maybe yellow. To be continued.