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custom pendant lamp

YES, I've sold my first lamp. On Esty. And it's a custom one. It has to hang from the ceiling, so I had to make it with a ceiling cover in stead of a plug. It was a bit of a puzzle, but it turned out great. I really like the result and I'm thinking about adding this one to my collection.

new blankets and pillows

After the busyness of the Huishoudbeurs I've been adding my new pillows and blankets to my webshop for the past two days. It's always a lot of work; taking pictues, editing them and puting them on my site. But the results are great, my shop is restocked. Next on my list: placing them in my Estyshop. 27. Anabell 33. Estee 31. Belle 32. Coralie 28. Cecille

huishoudbeurs 2013

Yesterday was my day at the Huishoudbeurs. My big day, anyway that was what it was supposed te be. It wasn't the presentation, the products or our enthusiasm.  The majority of the public was obviously not prepared or interested in something else you could eat/drink or take home for (almost) free. Afterwards you say: of course, I could have known that. But I'm going to forget the majority for now, because there also were a few people pleasantly surprised by the presence of beautiful, handmade products. Thankfully they were enthusiastic and then you can explain why handmade products are a bit higher in price. Next to the positive reactions to my pillows and blankets, my new lamps also got a lot of attention. Maybe even more than the pillows and blankets. I'm going to add my lamps to my shops very soon. All in all I can say I'm not going to do the Huishoudbeurs again, but I am going to look for other fares that suit me and my products better. It was ve

finishing touch

In a few days it's time for my day with Esty at the Huishoudbeurs. I'm very busy with the finishing touches. Next to my stock, my presentation also has to be right. The pictures from the Libelle are printed out and everything has a nice label. Especially for the Huishoudbeurs all my pillows, blankets and lamps have a nice fare-discount. I also have a big box of flyers and I don't want to take that back home. I'll try to make regular posts to my facebook during the day. It all depents on how busy it's going to be. Next week of course an extensive report.

Libelle magazine

The new Libelle is out, and I'm in it! fotograaf: James Stokes, stylist: Marit Platjouw On the second picture is the ottoman I had to upcycle. I cut out a panel and filled the hole with crochet. fotograaf: James Stokes, stylist: Marit Platjouw In these pictures are the pillows of et aussi. The left one has three; the back one is Piera, a pillow made from moving blanket with a crocheted part at the front and mother-of-pearl buttons to close it. The next pillow I made especially for the Libelle. It's one of my basic pillows with Woolfiller dots. Woolfiller is like felting only then used as a decorative accent. The small pillow in front was my press release and used here as a pin-cushion. The picture on the right has one of my pillows, Nadine. Also made from moving blanket, crochet in the front and closed with mother-of-pearl buttons. For more information about my pillows you can also check out my webshop: . I also made a smal