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DIY garden chairs

Just to stay at the topic of garden chairs (I really want to go outside), this week I have found a nice DIY to upcycle old metal garden chairs. The only thing you need is: rope, metal garden chairs and a bit of patience.              Deuce Cities Henhouse                                    A beautiful mess                                           Deuce Cities Henhouse The tutorial comes from Alison Allen and on her blog  Deuce Cities Henhouse  she explaines step by step how to make the chairs. She even made some video's, of which you can see part 1 here. And if you haven't got a clue on which pattern to use, search for weaving patterns on Pinterest. Good luck!!

craft in the garden

To stay in the vibe of the nice weather of last weekend, this week  I went searching for garden chairs with a high craft feel. Crocheted, knotted, knitted. From natural materials to modern techniques. The first chairs are knotted or macramé from thick rope and you can make them yourself (click on the link under the picture for the tutorial) ...             classy clutter                                                                                    Loods 5 ... or buy them at Loods 5. You can really curl up in these hanging pod chairs. These are a bit more delicate. Crocheted chairs give a different, more romantic feel than the knotted ones.             hanging pod chair                                           Melati hanging chair in blue and black The Cabaret Chair by Kenneth Cobonpue is knitted with a fabric wrapped foam on a steel frame. This chair showes very clearly that handicraft doesn't have to look bohemian or romantic, but it can look very mo

Dana Barnes

In search for the most divers applications of crochet, and then preferably the non-obvious or completely pulled out of context variants, I came upon the work of Dana Barnes. This textile designer uses thick strands of unspun wool that are being braided, knotted, crocheted and felted into large textile art pieces for the interior. Inspired by nature and the outdoors, her work represents crop field, hills, knotty oak trees and even a felted tractor tire.              Dana Barnes One of my personal favorites are the crocheted squares named: Looped. These huge granny squares of 3 feet by 3 feet take almost 2 days to make. After crocheting the squares with the thick strands of unspun wool, they go in the washing machine for a few hours in hot water to felt them. Then they are hand-moulded and laid to dry on the roof of Dana Barnes's loft. The squares can be used seperate, but (hand)sewn together they form a large thick carpet.         Dana Barnes         Looped rug