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shades: a new blanket

Finally, I have finished my new blanket! In the post about warm sweaterday you already had a sneek peak, but now its's done. It had been a while since I had made a 'one of a kind' blanket. They usually take up a lot of time, so I have to do them in between my orders. It has been busy lately, but I really wanted to make something unique for my shop. It's a very big blanket with the 'tough' fabric as a basis. The broad crocheted border has an ombre effect and goes from black to white. Between every row is a small rib. I also made a short film, sort of a making of, where you can see the blanket being build row by row. I would love to hear your response to my new blanket and thoughts for future ones.

Lampe in Flair magazine

This week my yellow lamp is in the Flair, a Dutch weekly feel good magazine. In the living section they showed a roomy, light penthouse filled with design classics and yellow accents. At the end of the article there is the page: 'in the style of ...'. And there is my lamp at the top right of the page next to other beautiful, sleek, modern home accessories. Besides this mention I'm also in the index as 'Flair's favourite'. How great is that! Do you rather have a red or pink lamp, then you still have a few days left to use couponcode VALENTINE15 in my Etsyshop for 15% discount. Also for all red and pink blankets.

warm sweaterday

Today is warm sweater day!! A day to turn the heating down and put on a nice warm sweater.             working on a new 'one of a kind' blanket Besides those comfy warm sweaters you would of course also need a comfy warm blanket. Because admit it, even in a thick sweater you'll get cold when binge watching your favourite series.  With that I can help. My blankets are big : 150 x 200 cm and bigger, warm : 2 kinds of thick, very soft moving blanket and completely customisable : 17 yarn colours for different crocheted borders, from a basic small edge to a 'one of a kind' broad border. Don't forget the Valentine's Day promotion: 15% off on everything red and pink.  Use VALENTINE15 in my Etsyshop.