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Lampe in London

Last weekend we had a lovely trip to London, a present from my hubby. Besides the sightseeing and the great food and drinks it was a great opportunity to have a look at my lamps. In June I had an order for 5 lamps for a new to be opened juice bar: the  Mojo Juice Bar  in Soho. When we walked through Berwick Street we already saw them hanging through the window. By the way, you cannot miss Mojo, the outside is painted bright green. It was the first time I saw my lamps 'live', besides in my house. I have to say that I did have a proud little tickle in my belly. Hubby later told me that I couldn't stop grinning. Apparently the customers also like the lamps. Noa, the owner, told me that they love to touch them and they feel it adds to the living room vibe of the juice bar. Besides admiring my lamps you can get really good and healthy freshly pressed juices at Mojo Juice Bar.  So if you're ever in London. Mojo Juice Bar: 8 D'Arblay Street, corner of Berwi