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feathers in a frame

My daughters love to go to the petting zoo, not only for the animals. But also for all the feathers you can find there. The down feathers from the parrot in the pet shop also end up in there pockets.
            Lola & Kate                                                                                     et aussi ...  

A couple of months ago I treated myself to framed feathers. Unfortunately not the very pretty ones from Lola & Kate with the steel frames, there a bit to much for my budget. But a lovely black wooden frame with 5 golden pheasant feathers. To my surprise a few weeks later I found exactly the same frame at a local store, so I made myself another frame with some of the feathers my daughters collected.

My frame with found feathers only costs a fraction of what I payed for the pheasant version. Plus our chicken, turkey and parrot feathers are in no way inferior to the more exotic varieties. To be honest ... I like ours better.

Have you made this easy DIY yet? And d…

a little bit of red

Now the blue's have gone, it's time for a little bit of red.  In the extensive colour possibilities in my shop red of course isn't lacking. I do have to admit, red isn't one of my favorite colours and I always found it hard to incorporate it in to my house. By using red subtle or by making one red statement, you can use red without it be dominant.
 red pendantsred cross

red bedred stairs

Still, you can make the most beautiful colour combinations with red, without sticking to black, white and grey. I especially love the combination with turquoise and jade.
morroccan tilesred leaves, jade door

Because it's almost Valentine's day I'm going to continue the 15% Blue Monday discount for Valentine's day, only now on everything red .... alright also on pink. This time use couponcode VALENTINE15 in my Etsyshop. The colours are: cerise, oeillet and rosee. This promotion runs until 14 February 2015.
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talking about blue

Next Monday it's Blue Monday. Apparently this 3rd Monday of January is the most depressing day of the year. Fortunately it doesn't bother me, and besides I love blue. So instead of filling this blog with uplifting quotes and cheerfull pictures, I'm giving you some of my favorite interiors with lots of blue.

All these pictures come from my interiorbord on Pinterest. Follow me there for more blue and interior inspiration.
et aussi ...

To put the gained inspiration in action, I'm giving 15% discount on everything blue from my Etsyshop untill Blue Monday (Monday 19 January 2015).  The blues in my collection are: marine, outremer, ciel, jade, turquoise and canard. Just use couponcode BLUEMONDAY15 at the checkout.
So what are you doing on Blue Monday? Is it just a day as all others or does a little shopping therapy help to overcome these winterblues?

bye bye tree ...

Every year the garden centre's and flowershops advertise: 'out with the tree, in with a plant' (or at least in Holland they do). I couldn't agree more, I also miss the green. But what I miss even more, especially now the days are still short and bleak, are the lights from the tree.
Of course, you can always hang your christmas lights on the wall or the ceiling. It saves cleaning them up.

style me prettypinterest
But why not make a big statement this year? Out with the tree, in with a lamp! A nice new (or old) lamp where the tree used to stand. Or even next to your new plant.
I have made a list of some of my favourites. Click on the link for more information.
Cable Light Patrick Hartog Design
New Norm
And what are your plans? New plant, lamp or ... both?

happy 2015