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Etsy treasury

Yes, yesterday an other  treasury  featuring one of my lamps made it to the Etsy front page. Thank you Annalisa Nuzzolo.

new: wallknobs

The time was right, especially for the holidays, to come with a new product. Something with a more attractive price. It had to fit in with the rest of my assortment, so it wasn't going to be keychains or something like that. I decided on knobs, crocheted, in 4 sizes, and 17 colours. Knobs for on the wall, as a coat rack. The sizes are going to be 4 cm, 7 cm, 10 cm and 13 cm, of course in all my 17 colours. The prices will be between €10 for the smallest and €25 for the biggest one. The yellow one here is an example, but as soon as I have some ready I'll put them in my shops. And pin, facebook and post lots of pictures.

new lamps

On the picture of the Swan Market you could already see them, the lamps in the new colours. From top to bottom: jade, golf, soleil, noir, turquoise and marine.  

Swan Market 2

The Swan Market was a great success! Especially my lamps got a lot of attention. I talked to a lot of people and handed out a lot of cards. Even the weather was great, nice and sunny all day. Music in the background... First I have to wait and see if this day results in orders, but I certainly want to do this again.