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Masterclass basketry Dutch Design Week

During the Dutch Design Week I was able to take a masterclass on invitation by Etsy. This masterclass was an initiative from the Dutch Crafts Counsil in collaboration with the Cultural Participation Fund and Etsy and was one of a series of masterclasses. Every day of the Dutch Design Week there was a masterclass in traditional techniques, for example gold painting, felting, Delft Blue painting.             picture Dutch Crafts Counsil  The masterclass I got to take was basketry and was given by  Esmé Hofman . Esmé is one of the few left in the Netherlands who practices basketry on a high level. She collaborates with designers a lot to create new products with traditional techniques. Her passion lies with fine skein willow work, this is a very fine basketry technique. Willow skeins are being cloved in three parts and then planed by hand on a special planingbench. The skeins used can be only 1 or 2 mm thick. Every object is braided around a model and is very time consuming. A br