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one pick Friday: log carpet

How about a tree for a rug!

Have a great weekend!

wooden clutches by Tesler + Mendelovitch

On Etsy I found a shop with clutches which are made with the same technique as the fabrics and rugs by Elisa Strozyk: Tesler + Mendelovitch. This design couple make all the clutches by hand in their workshop in Tel Aviv, Israel.

My favourite is definitely this last one. It's made from American walnut and has a beautiful matt finish.

wooden textiles by Elisa Strozyk

Elisa Strozyk is a German designer who turns wood into textile, maintaining the structure of the wood. She glues small pieces of wood on a textile surface, creating a piece of fabric, rug or carpet that feels and looks like wood but is flexible at the same time.

The first time I saw a picture of her work I had to look twice. You think you see a plaid or blanket, but the shape and material do not match with what you would expect. It made me curious and since I have seen more of her collection I am very impressed. The detailing is amazing. But before you are thinking of purchasing a blanket, think again, a plaid costs about €2150. Which is understandable, because I can only imagine the amount of work that goes into one.

one pick Friday: cord skyline

Lamps sometimes come with ridiculous long cords. You could shorten them, but you can also use them in a more creative way.
Happy weekend!

DIY: yarn covered cord

I crochet around the electrical cords of my lamps, but there are lots of lamps which still have ugly cords. You could replace them with fabric coated cord in all colours of the rainbow. A much more fun way of sprucing them up is by covering them with thread yourself.

You will get the best results when you use thin cotton yarn.

This DIY is very simple, even your kids can do it.

Step 1: 'ugly' cord and cotton yarn
Step 2: tie the yarn to the cord with a small knot
Step 3: hold the end of the yarn down and wrap over the knot and the end bit
Step 4: keep wrapping the cord until the end
Step 5: work the end of the yarn into the wrapping with a needle
Step 6: cut the excess of and you're done

If your very patient you could even use sewing thread or embroidery thread.
Good luck !!

how to hang pendant lights

Pendant lights with long cords are beautiful, versatile lamps which can be used in any space and any style. To hang them in a nice and creative way can sometimes be a challenge. Today I'll give you lots of examples how to use the cords in a decorative way.
As I do with my own lamps I'll make the difference between ceiling pendant lights and plug in ones.
Ceiling pendant lights are obviously hung from the ceiling, but it doesn't have to be straight down or in that exact spot.

With plug in pendants you can be very flexible. You can move them around, use them where needed. And they are a great alternative when you don't want to or cann't use the ceiling.

On my 'lighting' board on Pinterest you can find more inspiration. Come and follow me there:

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one pick Friday: hot pink stairs

This is a great way to use hot pink in a modern way.
Have a great weekend!

who's afraid of pink

If you would like more pink in your house, but you don't want to commit, use washi tape!
From dipped chair legs to pink edged doors, all these DIY tips are done with washi tape.

You'll then have the colour, just not permanent.

Good luck, and I would love to know all about your creative outbursts with washi tape in your house.

flamingos in the home

Flamingo's are bang on trend right now, you see them everywhere. From wallpaper to shoes.
I spotted these at H&M and I ordered them right away. There great, right?

You can easily use the flamingo colour palette in your home. Lot's of pink complemented with either black and white, to keep it contemporary, or go way tropical with green and turquoise.

Will you embrace this trend or will you sit this one out?