craft in the garden

To stay in the vibe of the nice weather of last weekend, this week  I went searching for garden chairs with a high craft feel. Crocheted, knotted, knitted. From natural materials to modern techniques.

The first chairs are knotted or macramé from thick rope and you can make them yourself (click on the link under the picture for the tutorial) ...

           classy clutter                                                                                  Loods 5

... or buy them at Loods 5.

You can really curl up in these hanging pod chairs. These are a bit more delicate. Crocheted chairs give a different, more romantic feel than the knotted ones.

           hanging pod chair                                         Melati hanging chair in blue and black

The Cabaret Chair by Kenneth Cobonpue is knitted with a fabric wrapped foam on a steel frame. This chair showes very clearly that handicraft doesn't have to look bohemian or romantic, but it can look very modern and sleek.

           Cabaret Chair

The last chairs aren't actually meant to be put outside, but I thought they couldn't not be on the list.
The first one is the Knotted Chair by Marcel Wanders for Droog Design.

            Knotted Chair

The chair is made from rope with a core of carbon fibers and a layer of aramid fibers. After the chair is knotted it's hung upside down and treated with epoxy resin. Gravity determines the shape of the chair and the resin makes it retain it's shape.

The second chair is the Crocheted Chair also by Marcel Wanders for Droog Design.

  Crocheted Chair
The Crocheted Chair is made from hand crocheted doilies, which are pieced together to form a fabric. This fabric is dipped in epoxy resin and placed over a mold. When the resin is dry the mold is removed.

For me the knitted chair from Kenneth Cobonpue would be high on my wishlist if my wallet was a bit bigger.
For what kind of feel are you going for in the garden?


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