wooden textiles by Elisa Strozyk

Elisa Strozyk is a German designer who turns wood into textile, maintaining the structure of the wood. She glues small pieces of wood on a textile surface, creating a piece of fabric, rug or carpet that feels and looks like wood but is flexible at the same time.

wooden textiles

making wooden textile

wooden textile

wooden rug red

Miss Marple

making wooden rug

wooden rug

The first time I saw a picture of her work I had to look twice. You think you see a plaid or blanket, but the shape and material do not match with what you would expect. It made me curious and since I have seen more of her collection I am very impressed. The detailing is amazing. But before you are thinking of purchasing a blanket, think again, a plaid costs about €2150. Which is understandable, because I can only imagine the amount of work that goes into one.


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