Libelle magazine

The new Libelle is out, and I'm in it!

fotograaf: James Stokes, stylist: Marit Platjouw

On the second picture is the ottoman I had to upcycle. I cut out a panel and filled the hole with crochet.

fotograaf: James Stokes, stylist: Marit Platjouw

In these pictures are the pillows of et aussi. The left one has three; the back one is Piera, a pillow made from moving blanket with a crocheted part at the front and mother-of-pearl buttons to close it. The next pillow I made especially for the Libelle. It's one of my basic pillows with Woolfiller dots. Woolfiller is like felting only then used as a decorative accent. The small pillow in front was my press release and used here as a pin-cushion.
The picture on the right has one of my pillows, Nadine. Also made from moving blanket, crochet in the front and closed with mother-of-pearl buttons.
For more information about my pillows you can also check out my webshop:

I also made a small leather rug and they made beautiful pictures, but unfortunately they didn't make the magazine.

fotograaf: James Stokes, stylist: Marit Platjouw

The small rug was a very nice piece of leather in a soft gray colour. I re-cut the shap a bit and added an irregular crocheted edge in powder pink. To bad that these pictures didn't make the magazine, but all in all it was still a great coverage.


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