huishoudbeurs 2013

Yesterday was my day at the Huishoudbeurs. My big day, anyway that was what it was supposed te be. It wasn't the presentation, the products or our enthusiasm. 

The majority of the public was obviously not prepared or interested in something else you could eat/drink or take home for (almost) free. Afterwards you say: of course, I could have known that.
But I'm going to forget the majority for now, because there also were a few people pleasantly surprised by the presence of beautiful, handmade products. Thankfully they were enthusiastic and then you can explain why handmade products are a bit higher in price. Next to the positive reactions to my pillows and blankets, my new lamps also got a lot of attention. Maybe even more than the pillows and blankets. I'm going to add my lamps to my shops very soon.

All in all I can say I'm not going to do the Huishoudbeurs again, but I am going to look for other fares that suit me and my products better. It was very nice to get in contact with potential buyers and tell the story behind the product and be in another environment than my workplace.


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