feathers in a frame

My daughters love to go to the petting zoo, not only for the animals. But also for all the feathers you can find there. The down feathers from the parrot in the pet shop also end up in there pockets.

            Lola & Kate                                                                                     et aussi ...  

A couple of months ago I treated myself to framed feathers. Unfortunately not the very pretty ones from Lola & Kate with the steel frames, there a bit to much for my budget. But a lovely black wooden frame with 5 golden pheasant feathers. To my surprise a few weeks later I found exactly the same frame at a local store, so I made myself another frame with some of the feathers my daughters collected.

My frame with found feathers only costs a fraction of what I payed for the pheasant version. Plus our chicken, turkey and parrot feathers are in no way inferior to the more exotic varieties. To be honest ... I like ours better.

Have you made this easy DIY yet? And did you use found feathers or store bought?

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