warm sweaterday

Today is warm sweater day!! A day to turn the heating down and put on a nice warm sweater.

            working on a new 'one of a kind' blanket

Besides those comfy warm sweaters you would of course also need a comfy warm blanket. Because admit it, even in a thick sweater you'll get cold when binge watching your favourite series. 
With that I can help. My blankets are
big: 150 x 200 cm and bigger,
warm: 2 kinds of thick, very soft moving blanket and
completely customisable: 17 yarn colours for different crocheted borders, from a basic small edge to a 'one of a kind' broad border.

Don't forget the Valentine's Day promotion: 15% off on everything red and pink.  Use VALENTINE15 in my Etsyshop.


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