knotted pendant lamps by Kwangho Lee

A while ago I came across this picture on, of course, Pinterest and I was in love.

At the time I couldn't get to the source of the picture. In my research for another post recently I came across it again and this time I found the designer: Kwangho Lee. He is a designer from Seoul, Korea. His basic design principle is giving new meaning and function to everyday objects and materials. The inspiration came from his grandmother knitting when he was young and from his grandfather who recycled everything he found.

The lamp that first caught my eye is entirely made from thick electrical wire.

For this restaurant he made them from rope.

pendant lamps in The Atlantic Restaurant 
The technique he uses is a sort of self-invented finger knitting. Every piece is entirely handmade. The material is so tough that he often worked until his hands bled.

blue pendant lamps

brown pendant lamp

brown pendant lamp detail

black pendant lamp

black pendant lamp chandelier

white pendant lamp

Personally I love that the lamps look half-finished and sometimes half destroyed.


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