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The Boijmans van Beuningen museum in Rotterdam has a new exhibition: Hand Made: long live craftmanship.

This exhibit giva a unique overview of the most surprising handmade objects througout the years. It wants to clarify countless, mostly romantic cliché's about craft and crafmanship. Curator Mienke Simon Thomas: "With our rich collection of handmade objects and all the knowledge that the museum has gathered about it througout the years, we want to enrich the level of the discussion about craftmanship and the image that people have of it."

Alongside the exhibition the museum organizes in cooperation with Etsy a competition for Etsy sellers. Hereby they'll search for special handmade products that combine a traditional craft with an innovative and inspiring view. Thus giving Etsy sellers the opportunity to exhibit their handmade products in the ArtStudio of the museum.
At the end of the competition on April the 8th a professional jury will pick 10 nominees who will get a spot in the museum, where they will be on display from April the 23rd. Visitors of the museum can also vote on their favorite.
On April the 29th the winners of the visitorsprice and the juryprice will be announced and these two winners will get their own stand at the exclusive Hand Made market on May the 12th to show and sell their products to an art- and designloving audience.

I had to think about it for al while, but I decided to enter my crocheted lamp. Crocheting is obviously an old craft (it has it's origins round 1800) and crocheting isn't applied much in this way.

The museum made a special group on Flickr, onverwacht ambacht, where all the entries will shown. Till now the entries have been very diverse; from handmade soap in gunshape to backpacks and Ipadsleeve's made from scrapmaterial. Even the participants are very diverse: from design agency's to people who just love to work with their hands and sell this on Etsy. very nice to see all this together, because in the end we all want the same: making people happy with beautiful, honest, handmade products.


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