Collection: Loop series

The Collection blog this month is all about the Loop series: the Loop, the Loop xl and the Loop pillow.

1.Loop 2.Loop pillow 3.Loop xl 4.Loop

The Loop can replace every standard door handle with this small elegant felt loop. Use it on your kitchen cabinets, bedroom closet, dressoirs or anything with drawers.

Loop xl
Designed to hang my pendant lamps, you can use the Loop xl in multiple ways. On the wall or the ceiling to hang lamps, plants, towels, magazines, etc.

Loop pillow
The longest of the Loop series is used to hang pillows up to 50 cm on the wall behind a bench as backpillow or as a headboard.

The Loop series is made from the finest quality thick merino wool felt and is available in 8 colours. The decorative bolt is available in 5 versions: gold, matted gold, silver, matted silver and copper.

For more information and prices you can check my website or my Etsyshop


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