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Through my Etsyshop I get a lot of questions about the possibilities of my lamps. So today I'll explain them.

I have a ceiling pendant lamp and a plug in pendant lamp.

- The ceiling pendant lamp comes with a crocheted ceiling canopy. The electrical connection is suitable for both 110 volts and 220 volts.

- The plug in pendant lamp has a plug with a switch. The plug is suitable for a standard Dutch sockets, for other types of socket you will need an adaptor. For a lot of countries you can order adaptors with me, just ask.

Both lamps can be ordered with:

- a 110 volts CFL energy saver lightbulb (mainly for the US and Canada) or

- a 220 volts CFL energy saver lightbulb (the rest of the world).

- a cord in any length. The ceiling pendant is listed with a standard cord length of 1 meter and the plug in pendant with a cord length of 3 meters, but anything is possible.

- and in 17 colours.

The lamps come with a lightbulb. These CFL bulbs should last for 10.000 hours or 10 years.
The 110 volt bulb is an E26 9 Watt bulb, comparable with a regular bulb of 40 Watt.
The 220 volt bulb is an E27 12 Watt bulb, comparable with a regular bulb of 50 Watt.
Spare bulbs can also be ordered in my shop.

Finally, I love to do custom lamps. So if you want a different plug or a switch somewhere on the cord or you want a colour that is not in my collection, feel free to ask and I'll see what I can do.


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