Collection: Wool basic pillow

It has been a very long time since I wrote my last blog. A lot has happened in the past years, both personally as in my business and I thought the time was right to start blogging again.

In this first blog I will explain the possibilities of the Wool basic pillows.

As the name says it, it is a plain basic pillow but with the seams on the outside to give it a playfull touch.They are made from the best quality fine Merino wool felt, which is beside naturally dirt and water repellent, very soft and sturdy. It holds its form very well and the felt stays smooth when used.

Besides using the pillows decoratively on a couch, you can also combine them with my Loop pillow to hang them as back pillows above a bench or as a headboard.

The Loop pillow are made from the same Merino wool felt. But where I use a thin quality for the pillows to keep them soft, for the Loop pillow I have used a thick quality to ensure strength.

The Wool basic pillows are available in 2 sizes: 30x50 cm and 50x50 cm and in 10 colours. They come with a zipper and a feather insert.

 The Loop pillow come in a set of 2, suitable for pillows up to 50 cm high and in 8 colours.

For more information and prices you can check my website or my Etsyshop.


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